Randy J. Holland Celebration of Life – Rori Holland

Ethan Introduction to Rori
The arrival of Rori, our first child, lit a spark in my dad’s soul. You can see it in every photo of the two of them… his eyes sparkling. From day one, Rori and my Dad made each other laugh with pure joy and an electric connection of mutual adoration.

Unbeknownst to me, for about a year Rori thought her grandfather was a judge… on American Idol… She might be the only person who was let down when she learned my dad’s true profession..

As she’s grown up. Rori has been blessed with my dad’s penchant for stoicism, and his even keel. I’ve never met a more Teflon teen. She never lashes out nor raises her voice. She is impossible to embarrass. She lets me hug her in public, and she says “I love you dad” in front of her friends.

Rori and my dad adored each other. I’d like to introduce you our 14 year old… my oak tree…and my buddy… Rori Holland

Rori Holland Remarks
The man you all know as Justice Randy Holland – to me – was just Grandy. 

Everyone today has talked so highly of my grandfather. I know he would be so grateful to see how many people came who love and care about him. 

After hearing such amazing things Grandy did professionally, I wanted to share a few of my favorite memories I have of him outside of the office. 

For as long as I can remember, he never wanted anyone to be cold. He always jumped at the chance to buy anyone a jacket and offered socks anytime we stepped onto the cold tile covering the porch floor.

He also LOVED snoopy. The landings between each flight of stairs in Grandy and Anyuka’s house, without fail, always had Snoopys. The mantel even had rotating Snoopys for every occasion.

Everything Grandy did, he did to make other people happy, he went to great lengths to put smiles on other people’s faces. 

The first memory I wanted to share and probably one of my favorite memories with Grandy was on my Anyuka’s, that’s what we call my grandmother, on her birthday a few years ago. Went down to the basement to decorate her annual ice cream cake. When we got to the basement me and Chloe watched with wide eyes as Grandy pulled out the ice cream cake that he had lovingly stored in the fridge, not the freezer. As we wrote on the cake with icing tubes, our red letters started to slide off the cake onto the table. We continued to carry the melting cake up the steps, leaving drips behind. He never once mentioned anything about the melted cake, until we got all the way up the stairs. He just wanted Anyuka to have a good birthday. Even though in the process, we lost a cake and a pair of slippers, we laughed so much and even tried to eat the cake off the table. 

The second memory I wanted to share was when we were in Hawaii. We were swimming at the beach when Grandy said “I think I lost some cash…” this simple phrase turned into everyone in the water around us searching for bills. People cried out from all around us, “I found a twenty!” “I found a ten!” Anytime we were with my Grandy, there was never a dull moment, you could always count on him turning even the simplest outing into an adventure full of laughs. 

Lastly, I wanted to share our conjoined love of music. My whole family has always been connected by our love for music. I will forever cherish the days in the car when we would sing songs together. every time we went to New York, without fail we would sing New York New York the whole way. Our whole family went to a Taylor Swift concert and her song ‘Welcome to New York’ was without doubt one of our favorites. 

Grandy always made me feel like he was without question, on my side… Even when he disagreed with me. The world could learn a lot from him, and from what I heard today, it sounds like many of you already have. 

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