Kris Pritchett Remarks: Randy J. Holland Celebration of Life

Good afternoon. My name is Kris and I was Justice Holland’s secretary for almost 40 years. My memories of Justice Holland will always be the kindness and compassion he showed his clients as an attorney and to the people he worked with as a justice. The love of his family always came first and foremost. My favorite memory is when people would ask me if I read all of his books and I would reply, “No, I just type them”. Justice Holland would always laugh.

Justice Holland. You will always be missed. And forever in my heart. In the hearts of my family.

Ethan note: Mrs. Pritchett is at the top of the list of people other than family who could have spoken at my dad’s celebration of life. She witnessed and supported more of my dad’s career than anyone. She is humble (it must be contagious) and made a smart move to avoid the emotional roller coaster of speaking at length. Instead she included these short remarks along with the clerk videos. She played an incredibly important role in my dad’s life and in mine and my mom’s… and everyone who knew my dad professionally. It’s impossible to overstate her ~40 years (!) of support and dedication.

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