Sean Day Remarks: Randy J. Holland Celebration of Life

My name is Sean Day. I clerked for Justice Holland from 2000 to 2001. Clerking for Justice Holland immediately after law school was the best way to start one’s legal career, and not just because I got to live at Dewey Beach. It was also one of the worst ways to start a legal career, because I realized pretty quickly that one of the highlights of my career would happen at the very beginning and end too quickly.

Justice Holland epitomizes for me, present tense, what it means to be a gentleman learned in the law. He wore his authority lightly. He was kind and decent and always had time to carry out his onerous duties while also serving as a mentor and a role model for generations of young attorneys. He was also a scholar who revered the history of the law and understood that dispassionate, rigorous and careful scholarship was essential to the fundamental responsibility of a judge to pronounce and uphold the rule of law.

I will be forever grateful to the opportunity I had to clerk for Justice Holland. Thank you.

Note: The law clerk remarks were limited in time due to the number of clerks.

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