Matthew Goeller Remarks: Randy J. Holland Celebration of Life

Hello, my name is Matthew Goeller. One of my favorite memories of Justice Holland was when he and Dr. Holland, and my parents and I went to a Yankees baseball game. And this was when the big star on the team was Aaron Judge.

Justice Holland loved when the crowd would yell, “Here comes The Judge”. It was a really exciting game. The Yankees won with a three run home run in the bottom of the ninth, and he was happy about that.

But his favorite part was when the crowd yelled, “Here comes The Judge.”

He had such a great sense of humor, and I’ll never forget how fun he was and how excited and happy he was that day.

My life has been affected by Justice Holland in so many different ways. All his law clerks owe their entire careers to Justice Holland, and without being his student or his intern or his clerk, I know I would not have the opportunities that I had.

And apart from that career help, he taught me to be calm and to remain clearheaded in every situation. And he taught me to enjoy life and he inspires me every day. And I think about him every day, and I miss him every day. I hope these tributes provide his family with some comfort, and I hope they know how special he was to all his law clerks.

Note: The law clerk remarks were limited in time due to the number of clerks.

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