Patricia Vella Remarks: Randy J. Holland Celebration of Life

My name is Patricia Vella. I clerked for Justice Holland from 1996 to 1997.

During my clerkship, Justice Holland’s son Ethan played the drums in a band with my husband. The band had a gig at a dive bar on the Main Line. Justice Holland arrived in khaki pants, a white button down shirt and a Navy blazer. Now, he may have been coming from another event, but suffice it to say, no one in the bar was dressed like him.

My law school friends who were there weren’t quite sure how to react to a sitting Delaware Supreme Court justice being among them. I reassured them that he wasn’t there as a Delaware Supreme Court Justice. He was there as Ethan’s dad.

And that is the thing that I admire most about Justice Holland, his ability to balance his dedication to his family with his tremendous work ethic and all in a kind and humble way.

Note: The law clerk remarks were limited in time due to the number of clerks.

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