Randy J. Holland Celebration of Life: Professor Chen-En Ko Remarks

Dear Ilona, family and friends of Justice Randy Holland.

On behalf of the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association and Randy’s many friends in the academic, professional and government communities in Taiwan, I’d like to express our most sincere condolences to Ilona and family.

Randy began his friendship with us in 2007, when he accepted our invitation to give a keynote speech in our International Conference of Corporate Governance with the support of the Delaware State Government.

Since then, Randy, together with Ilona, taking many 8000-mile flights to Taiwan to volunteer his service annually for 13 consecutive years until the pandemic started. Over the years. Randy became our teacher and mentor by sharing with us his intellectual knowledge and insightful experiences accumulated through his long legal career. Randy also provided valuable advice to several important institutions in Taiwan, including the Judicial Yuan Academy of Judges, Financial Supervisory Commission, Taiwan Stock Exchange, the National Taiwan University, etc..

With his assistance and encouragement, the Judicial Yuan sent a team of judges to visit Delaware and to study its court system in 2015 and eventually established a specialized Court for Intellectual Property and Business in 2020. When Randy retired from the Supreme Court of Delaware in 2017, the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association translated and published a collection of his speeches and awarded him the honor of being the first Fellow of the Taiwan Corporate Governance Academy.

We are indebted to Randy’s tremendous support and guidance. Thank you, Randy. You have left us a legacy that inspires us to persist in improving our legal infrastructure in a democratic society. Indeed, Randy is the embodiment of the American spirit of generosity and unceasing willingness to help others. Delaware and the Holland family have given Taiwan a great gift.

And gave me a great friend. While we mourn the loss of this amazing person, we cherish his wisdom and memories. Randy, you will be missed by all of us. May you rest in peace.

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