Justice Anthony Kennedy Letter: October 28, 2002

Supreme Court of the United States
Washington, D. C. 20543

October 28, 2002

Dear Randy,

Thanks so very much for your most gracious letter of October 21st. Please extend to all of your colleagues my thanks for receiving this most prestigious award. It was a splendid evening for us.

Our chambers has advised yours, as I understand it, that your meeting in Philadelphia takes place when my duties as Circuit Justice require me to be at the Eleventh Circuit Judicial Conference. So it will not be possible for me to present a Dialogue. Arthur Miller, or others, might be available for this if you want to pursue it. It does seem very important.

With repeated thanks, my assurances that I stand ready to help the American Inns of Court and its most important work, and warm regards from Mary and me to you and Ilona, I remain

Yours truly,

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